Dear Glen

I want to talk to you so…I will.
I want you to know first that I’m ok. There are days when I weep. There are more days that I think ‘Oh! I need to tell Glen…’ and it angers me that I don’t get to! It is rare that I do not think of you at all for a whole 24 hours. These days are more frequent with the move out of Wesley.
Today in particular I want to tell you I had fun last night! About a month maybe two before you died you were doing the looking at your hands, sitting on the edge of the bed thing that always meant you wanted to have a serious talk. You said at that time I was too young to be alone and needed to know that you expected me to find someone to share life with. Well I do not know how deep such ‘sharing’ will ever be, after all our togetherness would be a tough act to follow, but….
There is a gentleman down the hall who is one of those ‘friend who happens to be a guy’ people. I noticed the sign near his apartment one day – ROB4JC an Arizona license plate. I saw him coming out of his room a few days later so asked ‘so ROB4JC the JC  is for Jesus Christ?’ which started a simple ‘Welcome to the neighborhood’ conversation.
Rob (one ‘B’ unlike ‘Robb Olsen’) works at Safeco Field. One of the perks is free game tickets. Early in the week he appeared at my door to ask if I would like to go to a game with him. We also, at that time, had a quick – just friends – conversation. I accepted with gladness!
We took Link to the stadium. Our seats were WAY UP behind Home plate. There is a convention at Safeco Field allowing folks to move after the third inning so, actually after the 4th inning once the sun was not so direct, we moved to the third level where we were between 1st and 2nd and close enough to see the expressions on the players faces!
Unfortunately the Mariners lost and we chose to leave shortly after the start of inning 8. Rob had a really late night the night before and there had been TWO pitching changes in the 7th inning and nothing appeared to be getting any better! Friendliness made it right to agree to leave.
We talked. LOTS! And again agreed that neither one of us was looking for any kind of relationship other than a friend to share a game, movie or whatever.
Life does go on Honey. I will always love you. I will always miss you and am weeping as I write this but Life is Good!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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