Life goes on

A number of folks have asked about my “new” life so here it is.

First – Life is good! That will always be true and, as long as I believe it, it is true!

Life is different – I cook for myself which reminds me I need to fix breakfast as I have to leave soon to start my day! I enjoy cooking so that is good. I, of course,  do my own cleaning. It’s a studio for Pete’s sake so that is easy and it gets done more often as I don’t wait two weeks before vacuuming and such.

What I do is somewhat the same and somewhat different. The “sames” include my prayer group Monday mornings, Wesley Encores on Tuesdays although at a reduced schedule for the summer, work at St. Columba’s on Wednesdays, A Joyful Noise on Thursdays and occasional Vesper services, Wesley Wonders chair volleyball on Fridays, and church activities.

The “differents” include knitting club which is at a shop in Burien now rather than at Wesley, and a general lack of gaming in the evenings. I miss playing Rummikub and Mexican Train with Mama Doris and friends. There is an effort a foot to get a weekly potluck and games night going here on Fridays. I had something else going last Friday but will see about going this week. I swim a lot and really appreciate the pool, though small, on the first floor here.

I spend a lot of time just out and about: library, park, walking a mall without really shopping. I also spend a lot of time: reading, knitting, listening to music, some tv. I do not have TV service so my TV is strictly antenna based but I do have Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like and a short walk gets me to a RedBox for a movie.

This fall I will be attending the Seattle Symphony with a friend and Jenn and I will be attending the Ballet. I also plan to join the Silver Sounds, a choir for seniors in the area. I hope to reactivate my Seattle Flute Society membership and take part in the flute choir.

My Gemeinhardt 30+ year old flute is not holding adjustment well so I’m planning a new flute. With the continuing activity in A Joyful Noise and hopes for the Flute Choir of the Seattle Flute Society I’m considering an alto flute. I can’t do both a replacement for my ailing C flute and an alto so have to consider options.

Jenn and I are planning a car trip to Utah to share Christmas with Jessi and her family. I’ve been having some maintenance things on the car done and plan a new radio. This is partly practical as with the new distracted driving laws it will allow me to use Apple Car Play for maps, phone and such but also will play the music from the phone which I cannot do on the existing radio.

I am currently cat sitting. Miss Ted’s mommy is in the process of moving. She is currently living with family and a combined family of pets which was a bit much for Miss Ted. Ted’s mommy paid my pet deposit and pet rent so Ted can be happy and comfortable rather than boarded. I do not see a cat as a permanent part of my family but have applied to be a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. It would please me to support this organization in this way.

So – bottom line? Life is busy! and Life is Good!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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