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My CCI puppy will be arriving soon! There does seem to be a potential mixup as the information I’ve seen says Friday, November 17th but the airline says Saturday, November 18th. Oh well – what is one day!

Meanwhile…..I’m getting my house in order – that is puppy order and that includes a kennel. After a lot of research I purchased a PetMate Navigator through I have dealt with Chewy before and always marvel at their customer service. On this occasion I have no issue with Chewy as again their customer service is exemplary. My issue is with PetMate.

One of the reasons I chose the Navigator is they have a video demonstrating how easily this can be put together. It also is the only relatively lightweight kennel that has a divider for growing puppies so I could get one kennel and use it as Walla grows.

There were troubles:
  • Would NOT go together without extreme difficulties. The advertising of how easy this is to assemble is completely false.
    • Top would not slide ‘easily’ onto the bottom.
    • Once together the holes for the bolts were not properly aligned so the bolts would not fit
    • Latches would not latch on one side
    • Took 40 minutes of struggle when I noticed the broken latch on the door
  • Door latch broken on one side. Which means the door does not fix in place.
  • Extremely poor directions
    • The instructions look like a copy of a copy to some 30 or 40 degrees on a really bad copier making them nearly unreadable
    • Nothing about how to put the clips on the divider that is remotely useful. I finally figured out that the bump on one side is supposed to go into a hole on the side and therefore must be towards the side. My inquiry regarding this received a response of ‘slide the clips in from the rear’ NOT helpful
  • The divider is not likely to hold as the sides are so flexible that the clips pop off when the sides flex
I complained about the broken door latch to since I purchased it there. They very politely sent another free of charge but the troubles continued
  • One of the rear latches is missing
  • Many of the plastic screw caps were not properly made so they would not screw onto the bolts provided even if they would fit in the holes.
  • Even harder to get aligned so I finally gave up and used the tie down holes with my own hardware.
Between the TWO kennels I received I do now have one workable unit. I would NOT recommend this product.
At the same time as the original kennel order I ordered a PetMate waterer. It was so badly put together that it would not come apart to fill. I forced the dish apart on the seams and then was able to get the jug out to fill it. Fortunately the base did snap back together. Again I would NOT recommend this product.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

3 thoughts on “PetMate products”

  1. Good grief! I think I would have sent the whole thing back and demanded a refund and bought another one. You are very patient. What exactly is a CCI dog? I figured out that you are taking a puppy who will hve a jopb when he is alder, and you are the first “family” so he can learn to be socialized. Am I right?

  2. Further comments on the kennel – The “good” door is failing. the latch is balky and trying to align it to the post holes is not easy. I contacted again and got a refund which I used towards a fully metal kennel from MidWest. It weighs over twice what the plastic one does but hopefully will be more fail proof. It too has a divider so it will ‘grow’ as Walla does. If Walla was past chewy stage I’d get one of the canvas ones like we had for Ginger and Sissy but I do not have that option.

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