Christmas Letter 2017

Dear Friends,

I started this in November but I have learned to think early about a Christmas letter in hopes of getting it out before Christmas!

I use Facebook and my blog a lot so again this year will recap rather than give lots of details.

First – I miss Glen. It is rare a full 24 hours go by without thinking of him but Life is Good! And Life goes on. I say that a lot and it remains true and I am grateful for both those things. There are times I think I say it in hopes of convincing myself but indeed Life is Good.

Second – Family

  • Jessi, Brandon and the kids (Eion and Emma) bought a house in Utah as Brandon is now a civilian working at Hill AFB.
  • Jenn is still teaching pre-school in Redmond, living in Renton but also working part time at St. John’s in Kirkland where she is in charge of children’s ministries
  • Jenn and I are planning to spend Christmas with Jessi and family in Utah

Finally – Me

  • Life has changed as I did move out of Wesley. I now live in a low-income senior apartment near SeaTac. I like it! I miss my friends at Wesley and being able to drop into the dining room for meals but at the same time I like cooking for myself. I love having a stacked washer/dryer in my apartment and having a pool in the building. I appreciate being across the street one way from the Angle Lake Link Light Rail Station and across the other way from Angle Lake Park as well as a short walk from a RedBox!
  • I miss my piano lessons. I might be able to take them somewhere but I don’t have access to a piano to practice.
  • I did get a new flute! It is a Trevor James Virtuoso. I love it! It has a raised lip which is easier to get a really strong, deep, mellow tone in the low register. I am having to work at tuning in the second register but the highest register is surprisingly easy and playing softly in the high register is easier than any flute I’ve ever played.
  • Having long been interested in them I now have a Native American Flute. It’s natural scale is a D minor Pentatonic.
  • Still doing lots of knitting and other handcrafts including meeting with a group in Burien
  • Jenn and I took a class in ASL. We both enjoyed it. I hope we will be able to take a second class or in someway continue to progress in learning sign.
  • Prayer group continues most Mondays
  • Singing in three groups: church choir, Wesley Encores and Silver Sounds
  • I’m a dog mommy! Walla arrived the 17th of November. She is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy. Walla  (accent on the last syllable) is a Golden retriever/lab cross female. She was born the 26th of September. She is so stinking adorable!
  • I have three jobs: short hours two days, one week of the month as Godly Play Storyteller at St. John’s Pre-school in Kirkland, 5 hours a week as church administrator for St. Columba and ~5 hours a week for the St. Columba bookkeeper for one of her other clients
  • Swimming and other exercises come after walks and playtime with Walla but do continue
  • Chair volleyball continues at Wesley
  • A friend at church and I have seasons tickets for the Seattle Symphony
  • Jenn and I have seasons tickets for Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Godly Play Storyteller at St. Columba which duties I share with another member

I will post this to and Facebook as some friends only access Facebook or the blog not necessarily both and, of course, my non-internet friends get a hard copy!

Love, Christmas Blessings and hopes for a Joyous New Year!

Becca/Becky/Rebecca DeShaw

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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