Dead Car, Moving

It has been….well you know the old Chinese curse? ‘May you live in interesting times’. Well these have been/are interesting times.

Sunday Jenn’s 16 year old car died. No funds for a replacement car and the car is not worth replacing the engine even if there were funds to do so.

We have been discussing rejoining our households so that is what will be happening as soon as possible. We’d been discussing it as my rent is going up and we recognize sharing is the only way she can afford a place nearer her work. We both have leases so we have to work around that but truly hope it can be managed sooner rather than later as in the meantime Jenn is on the bus and it is a tough row to hoe from Renton to Redmond.

We are looking for a two bed. Must allow dogs. Easy bus commute for her to work. Would like to have a washer/dryer in the unit. Cost is, of course, a factor so hoping for $1600 or less.

We really could have hoped the car would hang in there until we could move but such is life. Well I guess it does give us something else to think about as we approach the one year mark since Glen’s death.

Moving will be interesting….there is that word again….as I must radically change some things or face an extensive commute of my own. Too far to go to continue in Silver Sounds, Wesley Encores, Joyful Noise, playing for vespers at Wesley, playing volleyball at Wesley, attending St. Columba or working there. The loss of work will affect my income.

Fortunately I have ‘family’ at St. John in Kirkland but will gravely miss my St. Columba ‘family’.

We are, of course, checking the various web sites but sometimes there are other sources so…If anybody knows of an apartment or small house for rent that would suit our needs we welcome all suggestions.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Dead Car, Moving”

  1. I feel for you!! At the same time, I feel confident you will make new friends and find new ministries. Still, it’s hard making changes. God bless you both!!!

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