Credit reporting sucks

Have you ever noticed that everybody wants to check your credit but not everybody reports? Now does this seem equitable? Sure – I’m your new potential landlord. I’m not going to accept you as a resident if you can’t pass our credit screening but if you do get accepted and move in we won’t be reporting what a superb tenant you are to any agency so when it comes time to move again your exemplary payment history will not be disclosed ‘for your privacy’. Excuse me? Oh! But if you pay an additional monthly fee we will have your payment history added to your credit report. Excuse me!!!

This troubles me almost as much as how impossible it is to modify anything in that report. Let’s say there is a series of unhappy events that ends up with ‘you suck’ information on your report. It is nearly impossible to correct it and in this electronic day it does no good to explain or protest as, if it is not electronically readable data, those getting the information will never see it.

A case in point –

Moved out of an apartment where we had TV/Internet service. Paid the bill on time and in full every month for the three years we lived there. On move out we were to receive packing materials to send back the DVR boxes. Never came. Multiple calls over multiple months but still no boxes. After many months I got a bill for the boxes because they had not been returned. More calls. More months. Still no packing materials to return them. DEMAND for payment…..continue cycle. Nearly four years later I found out the bill had been charged off and was being reported as a separate account to the credit bureau. At the same time I found out the last payment I had sent for the closing bill had never been received. Now that meant four years of ‘failure to pay’ which completely wiped out the previous excellent history. Did I even once get any communication to indicate there was a problem on that last payment? NO! So…now what? Obviously I paid the final bill which was now over twice the original amount because of late charges and interest but it still shows bad history on my credit report and the separate account for the charge off DVRs is also still there.

I can write a protest to be filled with my credit report but NO ONE will ever see it or consider it because only electronically readable information is passed when credit is checked. Oh…the kicker? ‘For your privacy’  the apartment management that is denying you can’t actually see the credit report and does not see any documentation you have added to your credit file and the service they use to check credit only sees the electronic information.

Now I think the monthly services you can subscribe to regarding credit reporting are a joke but if I had had such a service through this mess I would have seen these things happening and might have been able to take action that would have resolved the issue before it became a serious problem. But why should I have to pay to keep these folks on track? Well the answer to that is YOU BETTER! Or one day the incompetence of others will bit you in the butt.

Case you had not figured it out Jenn and I will not be rejoining households anytime soon as my credit is not acceptable.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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