As the World turns…..

I have a friend who is suffering severe vertigo issues. I write this for her.

First know I am praying for you!

Second know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Obviously your doctor will confirm but it sounds like you have Labyrinthitis. Not uncommon following a nasty cold and or ear infection. More likely to occur if you have several in a short period. Especially common if you have flown with the stuffies. Generally goes away on its own but can take weeks. Sorry about the ‘weeks’ but ……

Third – I am writing this to offer hope but also to share my experience. As I write this I STILL, 12 years later, have issues but I participate in most activities I have always done.

Please know! My experience with this is NOT typical! Most folks do get over it! My inner ear has suffered permanent damage and the hearing in the effected ear is very poor also.

I had the sudden onset type as it seems you did. I was getting over an ear infection that lasted longer than usual and had gravely affected my hearing. Woke up one morning with the world spinning around me and horribly nauseous. Could barely crawl to the bathroom. Meds helped but mostly because they made me so sleepy I slept and crawled to the bathroom and back – period. I was lucky because my husband could come across the parking lot from the church to take care of my needs and still be doing his priestly duties and folks from the parish helped too with meals and even changing the bed! It was bad for weeks but did gradually get better but has not gone away completely. I do have periods of time when I am completely normal. ‘Normal’ has lasted for as much as two months but my new normal involves constant vigilance.

So life today….. I no longer volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. I was a horse leader and was concerned I might fall which could endanger the horse and the rider. When I dance I do not do pirouettes but I still dance! I am most likely to have issues if tired so I keep shopping trips shorter and have permanent disabled parking license plates and park in the disabled space near the store. I use hiking sticks if going for a hike but I still hike! Trips to a museum or any such activity that will require a lot of walking also include my hiking sticks. I no longer do cartwheels but at nearly 69 that is ok! Because I have been a dancer I use not just my ears to maintain balance but eye focus. Today the ability to use my eyes is crucial to being able to walk. If I lose focus life gets really interesting really fast. I can fall without recognizing I am ‘off’. Such constant vigilance is tiring. I deal with it. I do occasionally revert to extreme horribleness which generally lasts a few days.

Again – my experience with this is NOT typical! I wish the best for you! And prayers continue.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “As the World turns…..”

  1. Thank you for this, Becky!!! This one episode is enough for a lifetime. I can’t imagine living with this.

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