Adventures with Walla

I was feeling very discouraged yesterday. Today is better but felt the need to write so the next time I am discouraged I can read this and, hopefully, feel better!

Walla is now 5 months and weighs 46 pounds. I have to remind myself sometimes that she is still a puppy! She seems so big!

We’ve been having issues with her Gentle Leader (GL). In ways I like it – I commented recently that it is like power steering for a dog in that the level of control is way higher than on a flat collar. Unfortunately she does not like it. In spite of gentle and gradual introduction she …well an illustration makes this easier and explains my discouragement of yesterday.

At an appropriate time in our schedule, I got her leash and GL and put on my coat so we could go outdoors. When I went to get these off the hooks near the door she was by my side but when I turned around she had vanished. Now my studio is small so she did not go far but she went as far away as she could and was sitting facing away from me with her nose down and stuffed in the corner. I won’t fight her on this so I just sat down to wait. She did finally let me get her ready and we went outdoors. After we came back in I noticed that somewhere during this ‘fuss’ she had peed on her bed. Later in the afternoon I was occupied and she was sweetly laying at my feet. I do love these moments as well as our playtime! A short while later she made ‘I need to go out’ moves. While I fetched the GL, leash and my coat she dragged her blanket out of her kennel. I could hear her doing so and it is not unusual for her to drag the blanket out and play with it but the next sound I heard was her peeing in the kennel! Can you say discouraged? The rest of the day and evening continued in this sort of pattern….refusal, pee, go out anyway, cleanup. All this after it has been over a month since she has had any accident indoors and, of course, I can’t call this behavior ‘accidents’. I wondered if she might have a UTI but….

This morning has been a totally different story! She has not made any attempt to avoid  the GL and has even used the potty bells on the door to alert me to her need to go out. So where did yesterday’s dog go and where did this one come from? and PLEASE! stay! This one is so much nicer to have around!

So…chalk it up to PUPPY and just keep trucking.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “Adventures with Walla”

  1. Hi Becky, I think those are very deliberate moves to get you to do it her way. Failing that she has decided to do it your way. I hope it lasts. But…she’s a puppy. :+) My German Shephard Bella doesn’t like the GL either. I got it even when she was going to “school” so she’d get used to it. Uh, no. Pray things are going well for you. Here is up and down. Eric has his good days and bad. Bad is outweighing the good these days. He’s awfully frail and thin. No muscle left. Love you. Miss you. Suz

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