Moving? Yes..Again

I commented on Facebook that I was packing so, of course, that brings up the question….Moving? So… Yes. but just me not Jenn and I.

My rent is going up so with the need to pay for parking, need to pay for storage and the rent increase….well it turns out I can move to Auburn to the still under construction building this same company is building and have a one bed for the same money as I won’t need extra storage and parking is ‘ample’ so won’t be paying for parking. I hate moving but am glad to get a bedroom! Also I really like the area I’m moving to. The new place is The Villas at Auburn. It is near Emerald Downs – north end of Auburn.

There are differences –

  • Not right next to the light rail which is both good and bad as it will be quieter but I will miss having such easy access to the light rail still it is an easy bus ride from Auburn to downtown.
  • No plane noise although the train tracks are close
  • A few miles further to church but still within easy reach so I won’t be leaving St. Columba for work or membership.
  • A few miles further to Wesley so will still visit friends, take part in Volleyball, play for vespers once a month and sing in Wesley Encores.
  • A little further to Silver Sounds but again no big deal.
  • Closer to puppy classes in Kent although further from puppy classes in Woodenville – not that I go there often anyway because of the distance and timing issues
  • LOTS more ‘stuff’ around as the Fred Meyer is across the street, the Lowes is across the street, tons of restaurants and such
  • I have lived in Auburn before and liked it
  • Let’s face it – Auburn is a nicer neighborhood than SeaTac
  • This complex is family rather than over 55 which is fine by me but it is one reason I’m on the 5th floor so I don’t have any one over me. Ooo and I get 9 foot ceilings! Hmm maybe harder to heat but hopefully will be cooler.
  • Pool is strictly outdoors but LA Fitness is within walking distance and my insurance covers that membership

THE big deal to me is that I get more room – one bedroom versus just a studio without spending more money.

Exactly when is dependent on construction but is supposed to be April 1st. Now that is Easter so I will not be moving the 1st no matter what but hopefully soon after. And No..This is NOT an April Fool’s joke! Timing is good as my lease here ends just when I’ll be moving.

So…As I said, I am packing!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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