Vision Care

I may have written something on this another time but it is a subject near and dear to my heart.

The problem – Eye care tends to get ignored. In some instances it is ignored because we take sight for granted. Those of us who do not take eyesight for granted may ignore it because of costs. Certainly insurance companies do an excellent job of trying to get us to ignore it. Of course, everything I say is my opinion and you are welcome to disagree. I also recognize there maybe good insurance companies out there but I do not have even sort of ok vision coverage and cannot afford it although I am beginning to wonder……

Take my most recent foray into the eye care world.  I am diabetic and I DO NOT ignore proper eye care. I’ve worn glasses – bifocals as a matter of fact – since I was 7. I do not ignore my eyes. My vision has been horrible as that first pair of glasses had me in the ‘legally blind without them’ category where I remained until I had cataract surgery a few years ago.

So – this recent foray…. I needed a diabetic eye exam but also needed a new glasses prescription. After 14 communications including a multitude of messages left, emails, voice mail received and voice conversations after spending hours on the web site of my insurance company, I finally had an appointment only to discover this would ONLY cover the diabetic exam NOT new glasses. The information on the website was wrong. With my insurance I could not go to one, single place to get coverage for both. I am retired but not dead. I have a life! I hate making appointments and having to make multiple ones because my insurance sucks bugs me. <sigh> I went. After waiting for 45 minutes past the appointment time I spent, between the tech and the doctor, less than 30 minutes. GRRRR! Now it only cost my $35 co-pay but still….

MORE time on the web site, more emails, more phone calls… only places I can go to get eye exam for glasses are places I will not go! Oh! also insurance only coves $75 of frame cost, NO coverage for lenses and NO coverage for the exam because I had ‘used’ that when I had the diabetic eye exam which did not include testing my actual vision! Do you see a circular reasoning problem here?

To ‘H-E double toothpicks with that’ as my mother would say. I went to LensCrafters where I have always had excellent service and always ended up with glasses (or contacts) that actually worked for me. No they are not the cheapest but if I had scrapped the bad glasses I got last year at America’s Best and gone elsewhere I would have more than doubled my cost. NOT making THAT particular mistake again.

It remains to be seen how these will work out and I am back to having two pairs – single vision for out and about, driving etc. and workstation glasses for reading, computer etc. Not sure yet how that is going to work when watching TV and knitting as I have to be able to read the pattern but we’ll see…..

The bottomline is my insurance, it seems to me, is blocking my attempts to take good care of my eyes and my vision. It reminds me of ‘We are the government. We are here to help you.’ No one but me is looking out for me.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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