Tax on employees

I rarely get into politics. That was Glen’s thing not mine. I’ve been having a hard time staying out of it lately as a number of things have hit me as totally stupid and not very forward looking. The Seattle tax on employees is one of them.

I feel very two ways about this. I recognize that Seattle has a serious homeless problem. Rising costs to live in the city being part of the problem and we won’t, at this writing, go into the reasons why someone may be homeless as that is not the point here but I do not see this tax fixing the homeless problem and it is likely to be detrimental to the economy in general.

Anytime you impose a tax on an employer you risk that employer simply going somewhere else. If the employers leave, your economy suffers. All folks like Amazon have to do is move to say Bellevue, Redmond or completely out of state. OOPS! I do not think that is what lawmakers want to happen!

And will such a tax actually fix the homeless problem? It sounds to me that it mostly provides funds to cleanup the mess that is created by homeless encampments not to actually provide housing and/or education. There is also the problem that some homeless have no desire to be housed so creating housing doesn’t solve anything and, in some cases, their mental health makes it a continuing problem to cleanup after those who do not do so themselves. That – cleaning up after yourself is a totally different subject!

There is an old saying – You cannot do just one thing. This tax seems to me to be doing ‘just one thing’ without thinking about the ramifications. The solution? Shoot! If I knew that I’d be some kind of genius and I’m just an average person who is thankful at this time to not live or work in Seattle.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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