Until recently I had a concealed carry permit and did carry my Glock. Chances are you did not know if I was carrying or not. That is the point of concealed carry.

My reasons for owning and carrying a firearm are not the point here although I will answer any questions concerning my practice you might ask. The point of this is to convey what I consider to be reasonable rules for anyone who chooses to carry.

First – you better be a good shot! I don’t want anybody carrying if they can’t count on hitting what they aim at. In order to be a good shot you should be target shooting….a lot! as that is the only way to remain a good shot. I will include here that the primary reason I stopped carrying was because it was not convenient for me to practice. When I was carrying I could, reliably, put 5 in a 2” circle from a considerable distance and could do so under stress. The “under stress” is something that requires practice too. So if you are going to carry be sure you find a place to practice that can help you test yourself under stress.

If you think it makes you “cool” to carry don’t! You better be a reasonable human who will go out of their way to never draw their weapon. I was able to protect someone on several occasions and never had to even threaten to draw my weapon. On one of these occasions the individual was brandishing a knife. On another he was threatening a woman with fists and a hand to her throat. My knowing I was armed provided an extra measure of confidence to stand, phone poised to dial 911 and request the threatening person to leave. I shall forever be grateful that in all cases the individual did leave. Oh I should say police were called on the occasion were the man had a knife. The woman threatened refused to press charges or identify the man.

Should you feel the need to draw your weapon you should be ready to accept the consequences of any action you take. People do not realize that you are not immune from charges even if you act in self-defense.

Be respectful of places you are not supposed to carry! More than once I left my weapon safely locked in a locked car when I had to enter a place I was not supposed to be carrying. I was entering the VA one day with Glen and had forgotten to leave my Glock in the car. I approached a security guard who very simply took possession until I was ready to leave. He said anytime I came to the VA and had forgotten to leave the gun home it was better to leave it with them than in the car.

REPECT is the bottom line! Respect the law, respect the place, respect the people you will encounter, respect your capability (or lack thereof). If any of these are not in you – do NOT carry! It is unfortunate that many do not have the respect to NOT carry and therefore risk potential injury and damage.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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