Sometimes a plan does come together?


Such a mix today! Went out to:

  • UPS drop off
  • Get pillow inserts and batting
  • Get fabric for a project
  • Get Sodastream cartridges
  • Get a small screw top container at least 2” around and shallow

Also on my list today was to:

  • Figure out why I can’t get access to
  • Figure out why (and hopefully fix) phone won’t reliably connect to my Mac via Bluetooth
  • Figure out who is trying to access my Mac via Bluetooth from their Beats and STOP THEM!
  • Alter height of sewing table

Well some plans do come together…

  • Sodastream cartridges (refills exchange) are available at my Fred Meyer. That is good! Finding this out was difficult! They are in….ready for this?….Electronics. Yeah right where I’d look or ask about them…NOT! But at least now I know they do have them. Of course it is so obscure I am not likely to remember.
  • Took FOUR stores to find a small container that would work for my purpose. How can it be that hard to find a small 2” around, swallow container? How come the people I asked did not understand “shallow”? I had to translate to ‘less than 2” tall’ before I could get an answer and all four claimed they had no such thing. I stumbled across a perfect one at Fred Meyer.
  • Pillow inserts and batting were easy but children’s Christmas print, preferably fat quarters. Nope and as a matter of fact my Joann’s had only two sets of Christmas fat quarters at all. <sigh> so no fabric for project.
  • UPS drop off was painless – I do like my local store!
  • BECU issue – MAY be fixed Monday, maybe Tuesday but should for sure be fixed Wednesday. The real problem is I have to simply keep trying. <sigh> How inconvenient!
  • Mac both Bluetooth issues are a mystery. The iPhone issue is known and ‘the next upgrade’ should fix it and as far as somebody trying to connect their Beats to my Mac ???? Who knows? Fortunately it is not a security issue and likely is more a problem for them as they can’t get connected to whatever they are actually trying to connect to.
  • Sewing table is one I bought several years ago. Very handy, collapsible, adjustable….hold that thought! No instructions for how to change the height of the drop to get the sewing platform to match the table when the inset is dropped. After much examining decided I’d have to unscrew one of the bolds on each end and change which link of the chain was in use. NOT convenient! Turned out all it took was turning a wing nut on the other end of the chain. The bolt/wingnut were hiding behind part of the mechanism so not easily seen. Poof! Happiness!
  • And FINALLY! In my search for a container I discovered my local RiteAid has Jean Nate which I haven’t been able to find in years! So I am basically a pretty happy camper!

ARRG! There it is again! Somebody’s Beats is trying to connect to my Mac! They have to be more than 30’ away…oh…on the other hand they could be just the other side of the wall. Please figure it out people!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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