Neurology Appointment

Had a neurology appointment today. 14, 15, ? however many years later still living with vertigo issues.

We have a plan for further exploration. One issue is it includes physical therapy with a vestibular specialist – NOT likely! If you want a career where there aren’t enough people this is one to explore. Some years ago I was told to do this therapy. After trying to get an initial appointment for THREE months I gave up. This is one of those, IF you can get an initial appointment you can generally get on someone’s schedule for continuing treatment but it is next best thing to impossible to get on a schedule.

I’m noticing a new and troublesome issue…light is necessary! I use my eyes to find a focal point and if there isn’t enough light I can’t find a focal point. Not a serious issue in most environments but I have two places this has been a problem lately:

  • On stage. Watching the director is fine. Watching my music is fine but if I look beyond into the dark theatre I’m lost and “lost” equals falling! Same issues at a movie theatre as I found recently when attending a movie with Jenn.
  • Driving in low light areas. Went to Woodinville for puppy class which is back in a neighborhood with no street lights. I started feeling nauseous and off-balance while driving the car when we were some blocks away. I could not find a focal point in the dark! I had to turn around and go home. Started feeling somewhat better as soon as the light improved and managed to make it home but continued to feel sick for hours.

Onwards….into the “new”? adventure? Who knows what the future will hold?

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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