Christmas Letter 2018

Dear Friends

Here we are again! I like these catchups.

As usual I use Facebook and my blog a lot so again this year will recap rather than give lots of details.

First – I continue to miss Glen. I am certain that will never change. Life is still good! just different.

Second – Family

  • Jessi, Brandon and the kids (Eion and Emma) no significant changes there except that the kids are really growing!
  • Jenn is still teaching pre-school in Redmond, living in Renton but also working part-time at St. John’s in Kirkland where she is in charge of children’s ministries. Again no changes but she does have a new car through the generosity of a friend and …..  the big news! She is working on her college degree in Early Childhood Education through a program at Bellevue College.

Finally – Me

  • Life has changed as I moved again. I am now in Auburn. I was able to move to a one bedroom rather than a studio. These apartments are operated by the same group as the one in SeaTac so it is much the same but the neighborhood is better although I sometimes wonder. We had police in the parking lot one evening and a few days later animal control.
  • I am still enjoying my new flute. I play most days although just now I’m having trouble as I badly cut my finger. It is time for it to have maintenance.
  • I finished up a bunch of sewing projects recently. My machine is now having routine maintenance and then I have a couple of new things in the planning stages.
  • Prayer group is on hold at the moment as one of the group moved and we’ve had some issues reforming.
  • I have three new ‘jobs’ – I write the monthly blog for Canine Companions for Independence the Puget Sound Chapter, I am president of the assembly for Olympia for Daughters of the King and am the database guru for Come and See … Go and Tell the Cursillo community of the Diocese of Olympia.
  • Singing in two groups: church choir and Silver Sounds
  • Walla has been with me over a year and will go to turn-in in February. She is the joy of my life and I will miss her terribly! but I hope the best for her even though if she ‘fails’ she will come back to me for forever! She is so stinking adorable and goes everywhere with me.
  • I have two jobs: short hours two days, one week of the month as Godly Play Storyteller at St. John’s Pre-school in Kirkland and 5 hours a week as church administrator for St. Columba
  • Swimming and other exercises come after walks and playtime with Walla but do continue
  • I have dropped all activities at Wesley except visiting friends for a variety of reasons
  • A friend at church and I have seasons tickets for the Seattle Symphony again this year and again Jenn and I have seasons tickets for Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Various activities at St. Columba continue

One new thing starting in January is PT for my balance issues. Some 14 years or so later I still run at a ‘4’ most days with some as ‘off’ as an ‘8’ and an occasional ’10’. I haven’t seen a ‘0’ (No balance issues) in those 14 years. Life has been more ‘troublesome’ recently and can interfere with driving in low light situations such as places were there are no streetlights.

I will post this to and Facebook as some friends only access Facebook or the blog not necessarily both and, of course, my non-internet friends get a hard copy!

Love, Christmas Blessings and hopes for a Joyous New Year!

Becca/Becky/Rebecca DeShaw

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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