Blessed but….

‘All shall be well, all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well’ – Julian of Norwich. 

I choose sometimes to add….’even if everything is currently in the toilet’.

Things come in threes? Boy I hope that is ALL!

Balance issues have been WAY worse the last few months. I actually fell about two weeks ago and I have managed to not fall – except over against something – in several years. Oh right….I actually did fall a few months ago but that was tripping over a curb NOT a balance thing…..hmmm actually if my balance were decent I probably would not have fallen then. Well ANYWAY…balance is worse lately. If I look drunk chances are I am not but just dealing with balance issues. I’ve said this for some 12 years now.

I have an infection – dental issue. Some itty, bitty pieces of bone – 6 in all – have come through my gum near a previous extraction. The BIG piece was the size of a seed bead so we are taking tiny pieces. UW Dental does not know for sure if the infection is from the gum issue or a near by tooth that has decay under the crown. Either way this is not going to be any fun.

Lacerated my finger – caught between underside of counter and top of drawer. Hurt so, of course, natural reaction – JERK AWAY! YIKES! Tore a dime size piece of the finger pad.

Now on the other hand I am blessed! That has to sound funny after the litany above but I am!

The finger was injured AFTER the last performance of Silver Sounds for Christmas so I can safely rest. It is healing but is still sensitive to pressure so I can only play my flute for about 10 minutes before I’ve had enough.

I have (or have had) several appointments to see about the balance issues. New neurologist who for the first time in 12 years did not just shrug and basically say live with it. I had an MRI and have appointments scheduled with a vestibular physical therapist. Perhaps something will help. I manage for the most part but it has become impossible to drive in low light without becoming ill. At the same time I have some hope as I actually have appointments and people that are listening!

I have the attention of student at the UW Dental School and his attending is fascinated with just exactly what may be causing the infection. Antibiotics for now and a check back scheduled for the 27th of December. This is a miracle in itself as the Dental School is effectively closed until the new year.

I am also blessed because Walla does not go for turn-in until August 9th! I was originally told November 2019, changed to February 2019 and now FIRM for August 9th. I do need to make some adjustments – I am supposed to go to Woodinville with her for puppy classes once a week. Unfortunately these are in the evening and in a poorly lit area so I can’t get there. I will have to do another set of local classes which I have to pay for. Finding funds for this on top of co-pays for insulin, PT, MRIs, dental issues and who knows what else is causing stress but ….

‘All shall be well…’ I don’t know how…. But I know all shall be well and Life is Good!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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