The Macy’s Star and Customer Service Thoughts

As a kid going “Downtown” was a treat! It meant clothes shopping because there weren’t the local malls that there are today. Mom and I would go by bus with the plan to spend some hours and also to have lunch. Lunch out was a special treat!

Rhodes department store (closed years ago), The Bon Marche (later The Bon and now Macy’s), JC Penney (closed), and Fredrick and Nelson (later Fredrick’s, now closed) where the standards. There was also Best (later merged with Nordstrom) but we went there only rarely as the prices were generally higher. It depended on what we were looking for where we went. Simple clothes for school: Rhodes or JC Penney, something a bit more special The Bon or perhaps Fredrick’s. Mom and I made a lot of my clothes and never bought a fancy dress, but fancy dresses were frequently copied from something we saw at Fredrick’s or Best. Lunch was usually in one of the department stores but we saved the Tearoom at Fredrick’s for a special Christmas treat.

Christmas was a particularly special time. We would watch the trains in the window at The Bon Marche, explore the toy department and see if the Fredrick’s windows were the same or had changed this year. Of special import was the gigantic star on the corner of The Bon. It is good to know that it will be repaired and in place this year, but it is sad that Macy’s will be closing in 2020. Effectively that means Nordstrom’s will be the only department store left in downtown. Sorry Ross and similar lack class so don’t count. The department stores of my younger years had class and, like Nordstrom’s, a guarantee that can’t be beat and service which was deserving of the name.

I’m kind of wandering….started out thinking about The Star and now am thinking about the service, or lack thereof, that is provided by the stores of today. Every Monday I take the bus from my home to St. Mark’s Cathedral for my EfM (Education for Ministry) class. Afterwards I take the bus home which takes me into Downtown to change buses. It is not uncommon for me to do an errand or two along the way. I was recently in Macy’s. With Christmas coming I thought I’d look for a fancy sweater – NOT an ugly Christmas sweater but a nice one that was not too Christmas specific. I found one I liked a lot and it was really inexpensive! At the Customer Service counter I was told I could get faster service if I went….point down an aisle…over there. I considered not moving as there was only one person in front of me but…Ok – I went. There was no one at the counter, no bell to ring to get someone and no one in the area at all. I started back towards the counter I’d been at originally but there were now 5 people in line. <sigh> I walked back towards counter #2 but there was still no one in the area so I left the sweater on the counter and left. This is the third time in two months I’ve not made a purchase because I could not find someone to wait on me. I guess I’m not too surprised they will be closing. Perhaps though I’m being saved from myself as I did not really need to make the purchase. Still….I really liked that sweater.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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