Christmas 2019

Here we are again! I like these catchups.

As usual I use Facebook and my blog a lot so again this year will recap rather than give lots of details. I will post this to and Facebook as some friends only access Facebook or the blog not necessarily both. I started to write “my non-internet friends would get a hard copy” but realized my non-internet friends have either died or have a family member who can share this with them so there is no longer a need for hard copy.


  • Jessi, Brandon and the kids (Eion and Emma) no significant changes there except that the kids are really growing!
  • Jenn is still teaching pre-school in Redmond, but recently moved to Kirkland where she shares a two bed apartment with a friend from St. John. She continues working part-time at St. John’s in Kirkland where she is in charge of children’s ministries. She is continuing work on her college degree in Early Childhood Education through a program at Bellevue College.

We have plans! In January the new Fiddler is coming to the Paramount in Seattle. Jessi is gong to fly up and we will celebrate Jenn’s birthday and – yeah this probably seems odd – attend a performance on the 14th which is three years after Glen’s death. Glen and I once played Tevya and Golde so this occasion is a celebration and remembrance of life – good life! – and 45 years of marriage.


  • I am enjoying my apartment in Auburn. We do have occasional issues with police in the parking lot, occasional missing packages and the elevator fails to work now and then but basically I like it. 
  • I’ve been having a bad time with my right hand so have not been playing my flute as I don’t have the grip to hold it but a shot in the base of the thumb has allowed some improvement. 
  • I still work at St. Columba about 5 hours/week, do two days a month of Godly Play at the preschool for St. John in Kirkland and as of September am the Parish Administrator for Good Shepherd in Federal Way for 15 hours/week.
  • I continue as president of the assembly for Olympia for Daughters of the King and am the database guru for Come and See … Go and Tell the Cursillo community of the Diocese of Olympia.
  • I’m in my second year of Education for Ministry (EfM). My group meets on Monday mornings on the grounds of St. Mark’s in Seattle. It works well to take public transportation.
  • Time commitments to Good Shepherd and St. Columba mean I’ve dropped Silver Sounds, but I do still sing in St. Columba’s Singers.
  • Walla has been in training at Canine Companions for Independence in Santa Rosa since August. I miss her even though she actually went to a second puppy raiser some months before going to training as my vestibular migraines were making it hard to really work her training. They report she is doing well.
  • Swimming and other exercise other than walking have been neglected lately as timing is not as open.
  • My church friend and I continue going to the Seattle Symphony.
  • Various activities at St. Columba continue
  • The PT for my balance issues continued for some months. It helped some and, if nothing else, helped me know I do compensate really well. I traded my Apple watch for a newer model with fall detection. I continue to have issues in low light situations because I can’t find a focal point but am learning to compensate fairly well. A new discovery – Christmas sweaters with flashing lights are a nightmare! Recently one triggered a full on PAINFUL migraine in addition to balance issues.

Love, Christmas Blessings and hopes for a Joyous New Year!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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