Someone is Listening

So as folks who read this site, see me on Facebook or see me looking drunk know, I have a balance problem. I have been “off” for 14 years or so. Not going to go into all the stuff because the point of this writing is Someone is Listening!

Good Grief! that is so important! You will never understand just how important until you can’t do anything about a part of your life, are told “it is all in your head” and then, finally, someone listens and actually tries to help.

The “Someone listening” has been an off and on again thing as for the first few months doctors and therapists listened but then gave up with “It’s all in your head” and “you’ll just have to learn to live with it” and “Wow! you are really an interesting case”. In ways that last one has been the most difficult to live with….how fun for you (the doctor or therapist) but it is not fun on my side! I have had moments when I thought someone was willing to listen and work for some kind of solution only to be told after several months that as nothing seems to help that I will just have to learn to deal with it and I do…fairly well, most of the time and then I fall….again but someone is listening!

One – a diagnosis: Well at least a likely diagnosis, is vestibular migraines but then “I’m an interesting case” which does not fully fit that diagnosis any more than any other. I am grateful that an autoimmune disease has been ruled out.

Two – more physical therapy with someone who specializes in vestibular issues.

Three – new meds and a doctor who refuses to give in and has said she won’t throw in the towel with a “you are an interesting case” but will try things and work to discover what can help. I nearly broke down and cried when she said that!

Four – per this doctor and my therapist I do manage amazingly well. For that I am grateful!

Gratefulness includes those around me who watch me walk across the room on a bad day and step up and take my arm.

Grateful for the “What is wrong with her?” looks that change to “ooo having a bad day” as they remember.

This gratefulness is one of the reasons I am so open about what is wrong with me. I’ve many times said – I respect people’s privacy but how do I know how I might help and pray if I don’t know what is wrong so…..

Someone is listening! and I will listen to you too if you want to share what is wrong in your life. We all need to be able to say “Someone is listening.” I’ll be your someone.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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