Christmas 2020

Wow! I write Christmas 2020 and I think what can I say? Life is so different from last year at this time and Christmas is so different too in this COVID-19 world.

Well it is always nice to catchup with folks so..

Here we are again! I like these catchups. Like last year this is strictly highlights and less than even last year as life is well…different to say the least!

The girls can speak for themselves so … I will let them!

My life goes on more or less the same but from INSIDE with very little going out and about. I do still work for both churches but venture out to fetch/process mail and other tasks that require an IN PERSON presence only once a week or so.

I am still in the apartment in Auburn but hope in the coming year to move to Canterbury Manor in Bremerton. It is a retirement community associated with the Episcopal Church and even shares the parking lot of St. Paul’s Episcopal church. I am wait listed and that is always a “who knows” timeframe. At 71 it is time to consider next steps especially with my continuing balance issues.

Walla – the Canine Companion for Independence puppy I raised – is assigned to a fellow with PTSD. I still miss her but recognize the affect she has on his life and am grateful for the experience of having her in my life.

Having more issues with my hands because of arthritis so I no longer play my flute in public. I can still play my Native American Flutes as the hand position is very different, so music continues to be an important part of my life.

Knitting and other handcrafts continue but I do have to take breaks, or my hands complain.

EfM (Education for Ministry) year 3, continues with a group that meets wholly online. This is not a response to COVID but rather a group that simply chooses to meet online. Our members are scattered across the US.

Involvement with Come and See…Go and Tell (expression of Cursillo in The Diocese of Olympia) continues.

That is basically it! I do take part in various studies through St. Columba or Good Shepherd, I read lots, do a bit of exercise although swimming is not available in this continuing COVID lock down.

I look forward to herd immunity so we can come out of our enforced aloneness and be with each other again; meanwhile – Stay Home! Stay Safe! And wear a mask if you are out and about!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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