Big blow!

ARRRG! Seems to be my favorite phrase lately. Nasty wind came up while Jenn and I were out shopping. The awning blew off the side of the RV!!!!!

Lovely neighbors gave Glen a hand collecting the pieces of the frame and unhooking the awning itself from the coach. Only very minor damage to the coach itself but the framing for the awning is toast!

More calls to Interstate to see if it is covered under our extended warranty and if not to our insurance company. Not vital, as opposed to the wheel bearing, brakes, spindle issue we had in Wyoming, but I like staying dry while moving through the door to climb in and out of the coach and it is needful in warm weather.

Still in Wyoming, but just by three miles.

Well…as the title says we are still in Wyoming but we are not in Rock springs.

With the assistance of God’s angels on earth we were able to get the repairs done! It took a lot of fight and a long time to make the arrangements with the Extended Warranty folks so we left Rocksprings late afternoon. Surprisingly heavy winds, late leaving and pretty tired after a fretful week made for tired family.

So…we are in Evanston, WY at a Flying J. We will leave early tomorrow so we don’t hold up Jessi and Amber. Jessi, Jenn and Amber are going on a weekend getaway to Wendover, UT. Girl stuff and a little gambling is the basic plan as far as I know. Sort of a last Hurray! before Jessi, Brandon and the kids head for Japan.

And angels appeared! Our needs have been met!

God is so good! We are so blessed! Our needs have been met, the repairs are progressing and we will be on our way to Utah following final adjustments to the stabilizer tomorrow morning!

Many, many thanks to all for your continuing prayers!

Adventures coming to a close ?

We do have part of the needed funds.

Our intention at this time is to pay the shop what we have, leave the RV in their lot, I expect they will want to charge storage, and head for Jessi and Brandon’s tomorrow morning in the car. We will sleep on their couch until pay day (2/28) or we have sufficient funds from whatever sources come to us, then return to Wyoming to get the RV.

We are frequently surprised by God’s plans so we must simply trust in him.

Adventures in Wyoming – Part III

All the data is in. The wheel bearings on the left front wheel on the RV failed. That failure caused a cascade to a variety of other related systems. The repair place went to extreme efforts to communicate with our Extended Warranty company only to find out that only the initial failure, the wheel bearings, is a coverable repair. They will cover a whole $305.75 which, with our deductible, means they will pay $105.75 of close to $3800 in repairs. The only good news is that we will be able to request reimbursement for hotel/food expenses.

We still hope to be back on the road towards Utah on Friday.

Word of advice from the recently learned……DO NOT BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY COVERAGE! It is a complete waste of money!

Adventures of Wyoming – Part II

We left Rawlins, WY later than expected this morning so decided we should seriously consider another night in Wyoming but also wanted to find a place that would let us have water. The place in Rawlins did not so decided we’d only go a short ways to Rocksprings, WY. The GPS said we’d get there by 1:00. It’s only 111 miles so you can see just how late we were leaving Rawlins.

About 50 miles down the road we started hearing a new noise! EEK! Sounded like the driver’s side front wheel was about to come off and then a big noise and the steering was odd and I felt like we’d had a flat. Limped to the nearest off ramp but stayed on the off ramp to stop.

Not flat but the front wheel was hot and smelled bad. Called Good Sam. Took three tries to get a complete transaction as the cell coverage was poor. Fellow was sweet but it was over 2 hours before he found a place that could service the RV and a company that would tow. It would be four hours, yup 4 as in 1,2,3,4 hours before the tow would arrive! We decided to limp into Rocksprings. We arrived in Rocksprings about 4:30. It was nerve wracking and exhausting but no trouble as we went fairly slow.

RV is now sitting at the place that will check it out tomorrow and we are at a motel. We recognize we will be here for two nights at least as even the best scenario won’t see any repairs done until too late to start for Jessi and Brandon’s.

As we think about it, Glen and I feel it maybe a wheel bearing but when I was parking it at the repair shop we noticed it makes terrible noises when backing. Dear me! The adventures of Wyoming continue and we haven’t even had any real fun!

Adventures in Rawlins, WY

Trip so far….stopped at a Walmart in Blackwell, OK. Shorter day than hoped but had to stop for an oil change in Denton, TX at the Camping World there before we could proceed. Next day we encountered heavy winds as we ventured across Kansas so only made it to WaKeeney, KS. We chose to stay in a KOA as my arm was really hurting and wanted a really solid night’s sleep. Easily made Strausburg, CO next day. Stopped early to rest weary bones and let Jenn do school work.
Today has been an adventure. Now, of course, you call it an adventure when things go astray and you lose the path or end up taking a different one or stuff just plain goes wrong!

Today was going well but we were having some stability issues and started hearing odd noises. Sounded as we had a flat tire. Stopped and checked and all appeared well. Continued on. We decided to stop, actually not far from our expected destination for the night, for a late lunch. As we stopped there was a clunky sound. Again we looked, checked everything out and all seemed well but as we started out the odd noise returned only louder and more insistent.

While the noise continued we sought the park we’d intended to stay in. It is still closed for the season. Tried to get into another but missed the turn and ended up back on the interstate. Noise would sound for a bit and then stop but now was pretty constant. Got off the interstate and started to setup for the night in a Flying J truck stop. While I checked on the regs with the management and asked about an RV service center, Glen and Jenn checked out the RV again. What they saw was that one side of the sway bar appeared to be cocked at an odd angle compared with the other side.

Called Good Sam Roadside assistance as the manager of the Flying J did not know where to suggest we go. Good Sam put us in touch with Norman Truck and Trailer back to the east about 5 miles. We drove there clunking all the way! at low speed!

Another customer was ahead of us, simple flat on the BIG rig hauling double fuel tankers. Larry is an over the rode pastor! Uses Facebook and his presence when he can to minister to other truckers! Obviously we talked while his tire was changed. With Larry back on the rode Seth turned to our rig.

An interesting fact….springs should come in pairs! On end of the sway bar which goes from one frot wheel to the other there are two springs but only one on the other side. Oops! Somewhere the spring worked its way loose and fell off taking the holding bolds with it. It’s loss is why the coach seemed so unstable and the wobble of the wheel was the clunky noise we heard as it slammed sideways and back. Yikes!

Being looked after here folks! No damage to the tire or the rest of the running gear. Just need to replace the spring and…..oops! Can’t acquire a spring! The springs come with the anti-sway bar kit. I’ll be in touch with Camping World tomorrow as they did the install only 7 or 8 months ago.

We are stuck in Rawlins, WY until we can get this fixed.

Return to Pacific NW

The location is not perfect but the park is. We will be at Travel Inn in Elma, WA when we arrive in the Pacific NW. We have stayed in this park many times. It is one of our member parks. During the off season we can stay for two weeks for $2/day, week three is $128 then repeat through the off season. During the peak season which starts in April we move to a leased spot for $400/month. At the end of the peak season, if we are still in the area, we go back to the off season area and prices.

My Facebook timeline has a picture of the lodge. The laundry facility is nice and includes a table I can sew at while waiting on the wash. There is an outdoor seasonal pool which Jenn and I enjoyed last summer a lot! Nice restrooms with showers, pool table, table tennis, just lots of nice stuff. Nice folks too! We did have a difference of opinion with one staff member but she came around. We have friends in the area as there is a group that meets regularly for bible study.

In addition to bible study there is a crafting group, a men’s coffee club ( they might object to my calling it that! This is just a bunch of the guys that gather for coffee first thing in the morning; staff before starting work and others who drop in). They routinely do potlucks and other group activities, some are seasonal but others are not.

This is the park where the idea of being the face of Christ to the RV community really started and a perfect place to continue to grow the idea.

At this time we expect to arrive in the area late February or early March. It is our intention to visit our friends at St. John – both in Kirkland and in Olympia but we will attend church regularly closer to ‘home’.

Repairs and Improvements

More repairs……well actually improvements! We now have a storage tube for the sewer hose fastened up under the slide. Very convenient spot as far as easy access is concerned and very easy to put it in. The bolts do go through into the cabinets but only a little beyond the washer and nut. Hooray! The hose will no longer have to be squashed into the sewer cabinet and the water hose can go in that cabinet where it belongs instead of in the electrical cabinet where it fit!

Now a little reading, writing, a cup of coffee for Glen, the doer of the project, me the extra pair of hands and Jenn who did the dishes while Glen and I did the project! Next up….cleaning the bathroom!

Melissa, TX

We are in Melissa, TX at an RV park – Lighthouse RV. It is nice. Many of the spaces even have grass and there are lots of trees. We are about 10 miles from Suzanne and Eric!

Yesterday I spent time with Suzanne. We setup in her project room where we sewed. She was converting a dress into a skirt and making some napkins while I was working on piecing the current quilt. We are company for each other but it is frequently quiet company as we don’t talk constantly.

Today is project time at home. Glen drilled out the old screws in the armrest for the jackknife sofa so new screws could be put in. Jenn has been studying. I’ve been doing laundry and put a touch on light under the sink, put up hooks for potholders behind the stove, secured a picture we’ve had to take down every time we switch to travel mode and similarly secured the clock over the dinette. Making bread is next up.

There are multiple other minor projects on the list but they will have to wait. I was extremely dizzy last night and the meds have me a bit hungover so my energy level has run low.

We definitely like this lifestyle we’ve chosen although it does have I inconveniences. Jenn does not especially like having to put her bed away every morning. I don’t like having to move the vacuum and other things to get at my project box and no one likes getting up from their seat at the dinette if I need something from under the seat. But we like living so close to outdoors and enjoy the change of venue when we travel to a new spot.

We intend to stay here though Christmas. I will sing….oh! I forgot! The hearing in my right ear is better so I can tone match again! My left ear is still very deaf and likely will remain so but the right one is more normal, not great but better. So I can sing and will sing with the choir at
Suzanne’s church through Christmas.

Oops! Time to check the dryer!