Visiting, traveling and more visiting!

More old friends! We had lunch with Pam and Bob, planned to have dinner with Dee but Glen wasn’t feeling well. We have been able to see most of the folks we wanted to which is good! But it is too quick! Still it is wonderful to know that old friends are still friends!

We made an overnight it in Quartzite then a quick run to Buckeye, AZ. The folks who now own Candy live there. Candy had a colt. His name is Rush. He has his mom’s color and is really sweet! It was so much fun to give her love and see Rush too!

Jenn is off having dinner with a friend from her Covenant Player days. They plan to spend some time tomorrow sightseeing around the Phoenix area. We hope we may be able to drop her off so Glen and I can do some sightseeing too!

Old Friends

What a fantastic couple of days! We met with friends Bob and Joy for lunch at In-n-out Burger. We’ve always enjoyed the burgers there but it was seeing Bob, who Glen has always said was his brother from another mother, and Joy that was the real treat! These were special friends at St. Thomas in Temecula when we lived in Murrieta. Of my! That was like 15 years ago? Hmmm more like 17 years ago! Their kids were pretty close in age to ours.

Today we went to church at Christ Church in Fallbrook. Fr. Ed (Freddy to many of us and especially the kids) was there after St. Thomas. Freddy died awhile back but his wife Dee who was in my Cursillo Reunion Group is currently a deacon there. After the service we had lunch in Rainbow not far from the church. Lots of talking and remembering!

After lunch we met Sue and Ed, more friends from St. Thomas, at a Starbucks. Sue was diagnosed with Meniere’s while we were at St. Thomas. We wanted Jenn to have a chance to meet her to discuss survival of their common disease. For Jenn the relationship has changed as she was just a kid and now interacts with these folks as an adult.

We still have folks we hope to see in the area before we move on to the Phoenix area at the end of the week.

Disney Adventures

We arrived at the RV park on Sunday, September 23rd. The kids arrived Monday. In this case ‘The kids’ mean our Jessi with Brandon and their kids, Eion and Emma but also included one of our extra kids, Sara, her husband and their two kids also! Sara was one of Jessi’s special friends in high school and we were ‘Mom and Dad’. We all had dinner at the RV. Sara and Jessi had planned for years that when their kids were five the families would meet to go to Disneyland so here we all are!

We did not spend a lot of time in the park as a group, probably good as 7 of us was bad enough and 11 was a bit too much! But we did cross paths and spend some time together as a group.

The DeShaw/Overton clan spent Tuesday in Disneyland, Wednesday in California Adventure and Thursday back in Disneyland. It was so fun watching Emma and Eion react to the wonders of Disney!

Jenn was cautious about rides and some were just not happening at all because of her Meniere’s. She did ride the Ferris wheel and so did Glen! Brandon and I took Eion on Star Tours while the rest of the company went elsewhere.

We would have loved to go to Blue Bayou but chose less expensive options as we are all trying to be sensible. Best of all was just being together!

The day begins

Calm….that is what I’m seeking today. Ginger was to the vet yesterday. She has been in pain and that is something we will not allow to continue even if it should been putting her down. Fortunately she still has more good days than bad and is a basically happy dog! Jessi and Brandon gave us a sign when we met them in Anaheim to do Disney. It says ” Beware! Extremely perky dog” in general it suits her! She does have some issues, some correctable and some not. She can’t see well or hear well. Can’t judge directionality of sound and her sense of smell isn’t what it once was. She has “old dog cough” so sometimes sounds like she’s coughing up a fur ball! Biggest issue right now is some issues with her kidneys but worse is trouble with her liver. She has two antibiotics, a pain pill and a supplement for her arthritis. She’ll have repeated blood tests in a month after the pills are gone and she’s been on special food for her liver.
The vet says she is doing remarkably for her age. I loved the way he kept referring to her as a little old lady. Knowing that she is healthy for her age and still happy provides me with calmness and thus the day begins.

Ducks, loons and grackles oh my!

We have been set down in one spot now for several days and will be for three more nights. This is good as travel days can be stressing but we won’t miss: the trains with horn blaring and brakes squealing or the ants crawling in through the bathroom somewhere. I will miss: the ducks, loons and even the grackles that greet me on my morning walk.

O’Brien, OR

We are at a park in O’Brien, OR. It is on highway 199 about 40 miles from Grants Pass, OR and about the same distance from Crescent City, CA. We arrived here Friday, September 7th. We will be here a week.
The original plan was to explore Jedediah Smith state park (I have fond memories from my childhood) and various other places in the basic area like The Trees of Mystery. Unfortunately Glen came down with a cold just before we left Salem and all of us have been having horrible allergy issues. So we’ve rested, ran shopping errands into Crescent City and such.
We are concerned about Ginger. She is between 14 and 16 which is sort of old for a dog. She has been having some breathing issues, not eating well, energy level is down and shows obvious signs of pain in her hips. If she doesn’t eat in the evening we can count on her being sick in the morning. Her sight is not good, her hearing isn’t either and now I’m wondering about her sense of smell. Yesterday we went for a walk. She took no notice when we crossed a rabbit trail. She did however get really excited and wanted to play in the river! She loves relatively calm water; no or few waves.
Please pray for her and us! Hmmm maybe she is allergic to pine too!

Salem, OR

We started out this morning headed to Florence, OR. The roads were bumpy, curvy, rough, etc. in short… exhausting. We stopped at Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock. Jenn will post pictures on shutterfly, stopped at several view points and before we reached Tillamook only 40 miles down the road had decided to leave the coast and head inland. So…here we are at, yes this name is real, Hee Hee Illahee RV Park.

Bit of trouble with the jacks. One is acting flakey, goes part way, stops, goes some more, stops, goes the rest of the way. Does this both in and out. I’m going to look it up but am pretty sure the jacks were one of the things we had serviced recently.

We will be here for three nights so we will explore the Salem area.

Moving day- to Seaside, OR

Today we started out with a grey water valve that would not close all the way and was leaking. We’d also discovered some minor leaks elsewhere in the coach and when we washed the coach I noticed that there were four holes in the bathroom wall that were wet after the wash down.

Day before yesterday I contacted an RV repair place very near where we were staying in Randle and made arrangements to meet him this morning to fix the grey water valve. Larry our neighbor tried but it was not fixed correctly. Well the fellow at Millennium RV was fantastic! That is the bottom line! While he was fixing the valve Glen walked around his shop finding the seals we’d need for the valve but also a replacement part for the broken filter housing on the water pump. When the fellow was done with the valve he looked at the part Glen had picked out and said he did not thing it was the right one, chose a different part and when I asked him to check it to be sure it was the right one went ahead and took the two minutes it took to put it in. All in all he spend an hour or maybe more on our coach but only charged us for 30 minutes plus parts!

We talked along the way about his life and trials – multiple heart attacks and a couple of strokes, time spent in the service in covert ops, the grocery store he and his wife plan to open near Pakwood which will be easier work than repairing RVs. We also talked about RV Ministries.

In some ways we are not making much progress with the Ministry itself as far as services and workshops go but we have had multiple small encounters and just keep on keeping on and waiting on the Lord to place us where he wants us when he wants us there. Today it was at Millennium RV to get repairs we needed and to listen to one of God’s children and share God’s love in a small way.

By the way, one of our other small leaks in the intake system was resolved with a simple twist. We still have a very minor leak in the water heater and will have to track down the four small holes in the bathroom as they don’t seem to go clear through. Still Life is Good and we are blessed and we see God’s blessing in and on those around us.

Copied from RV Ministries blog

I’m feeling exhausted, a bit depressed but very grateful for neighbors. When Jenn had trouble with the black water valve, Larry called over to see if we needed anything. At the time I did not think so but thanked him for his concern.
Well today I started just after 8:00 to replace the black and grey water drain valves. You have to take the whole assembly out to replace one so it makes better sense to replace both at the same time. Well taking it out was not an issue however going back in was a totally different thing! After Glen and I had mucked with it for a significant time we decided some silicon spray might help based on info on an RVers forum. Of course I cannot find ours and after looking in all the right places and a few silly ones decided somehow we did not have any. I went to ask Larry. He did and lent a hand along with the spray silicon! Have you ever sprayed silicon lubricant and had your propane leak detector go off? Well you haven’t lived until you are trying to work and deal with the silly detector blaring! Anyway it is now 4:45pm. The valves are in but at first the grey water one leaked and would not close all the way. Hmmm ‘not closed all the way’ seems to me that is what started this mess in the first place! Larry took it apart again and put it back together. It does not leak now but the grey water side will not close all the way! Time for professional help! Some would say we need professional help anyway!
Along the way I’ve found there is a leak associated with the water pump, a leak at the drain plug of the water heater and a leak in the water intake valve. It just keeps raining!

Mother Nature wins!

Well we found it…the road up to the ‘devastated’ area on the NE face of Mt. St. Helens. The same road we took so many years ago. No overwhelming sadness but rather I felt like singing Ode to Joy or some such. Between the reforestation, over 18 million trees have been planted, and Mother Nature things are returning to normal.
There are two basic areas: the memorial monument and the forest. The memorial monument has been left to nature while the forest area has been processed through removal of the dead wood and replanting. The contrast is stark but also does what is intended with the one showing man’s care in helping out Mother Nature and the other showing what she can do on her own!
Pictures are still in the camera but I hope to post them soon.