Merry Christmas!

Dec. 26th and Yes, it is still Christmas!

Woke up feeling very refreshed and ready for most anything. Yesterday was a long day! We spent the morning with the goodies Santa left in our stockings, eating yummy breakfast, making some things for my Mom and relaxing a bit. Went to my Mom’s in Des Moines, WA for the dinner at Wesley Terrace where she is a resident.

After dinner we relaxed in her room to catch our breath as Glen was doing two vesper services – one at Wesley Gardens and then the second one at Wesley Terrace. The “Two Wesleys” are across the street from each other. The have a guest preacher do their weekly Sunday evening vesper services. The guest has the evening meal at the Gardens, does vespers there then goes across the street to The Terrace to do vespers there. The resident committees have a list they cycle through based on availability. Christmas Day evening, when it falls on a Sunday, is hard to find someone for.  By the time we were through we were very tired but it had been a lovely day!

This morning we went out to breakfast and to do a few errands. Afterwards we dropped Glen at home and Jenn and I went up to Joann Fabric and Craft. Jenn needed to get supplies to make some thank you cards and I wanted to take advantage of the sale on quilting supplies to pick up a new ironing board sized cutting board as my current one is in poor shape. These may be self-healing but after a while they are just dead! On our way in we saw a fella being given a bit of a hard time by the local mall cops. He was clean, neatly dressed with a roll-a-board suitcase and a backpack. The suitcase and backpack looked nearly new. I thought to myself that if he was still there when we came out I’d see if he needed help.

Sure enough when we came out he was still sitting there. Basic story – passing through to go back home after spending Christmas with relatives.  Ran out of money. Could we give him something toward breakfast? So Jenn and I pooled our ones to give him $7. His grace in his gratefulness made for a delightful exchange.

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. While we were shopping a gal came up. Before she spoke I knew she wanted something. She was tidy and smartly dressed although not fancy. Needed to get to Vashion to meet with family. Some relatives had chosen at the last minute to come so everybody was doing a late holiday get together. Would we give her cash if she used her food card to buy our groceries? I said sure we’d meet her up front in a bit when we’d finished our shopping. Jenn and I decided we must have an “Ask us” sign stamped on our forehead! and then remembered we sort of do as we were both wearing our crosses visibly.

Worked out great. She helped take the groceries to the car and load them and I gave her a couple extra bucks. Interesting how things work – I would have given the first fella a $10 if I had one. I did not but gave him $7. I had not planned to give the gal anything extra but the amount she paid was just under $80 so I gave her $80. The extra few bucks made our total giving for the day the $10.

So now I’m feeling very warm and fuzzy and deeply grateful that I can show my love for God’s people by helping those He places in my path.

And life changes

And life is changing again. Glen is having the MRI but we’ve had to make some decisions as regardless of just how serious the infection is, it will be some while before he can wear his prosthetic. We also have to consider Jenn’s needs and my Mom’s so…we are going to stay in the apartment for 6 months. I expect our church friends will be glad, am sure Jenn will and my nieces and sister will be glad too as I can still watch over Mom. Of course my Mom will be ecstatic!

On the other hand I am somewhat bummed as I wanted to go see Suzanne and Eric in Texas and other friends along the way. Oh well another time.

How things change!

I am posting this from my iPad. It is a new acquisition and so far I love it! As I type I realize our first computer had 16K yes that is K not Meg of memory, ran on floppy disks that held  hmmm 540k? Ay way tiny! Here insist with a mere 16Gigs on my lap and it weighs so little I hardly notice it at all! 

The only issue I have is trying to correct my typing without backing clear up so…live with the typos for now!

I feel like a kid before Christmas!

Jessi and the kids are coming for Thanksgiving! THAT is enough to make me very excited but we are going to take the opportunity to see the Nutcracker. Jenn and I went with her class when she was in elementry school. Of course we’ve all seen film versions repeatedly but it just is not the same! We are WAY up in the second balcony, what I could afford, but we have opera glasses!

Lots to do in the meantime – take stuff to storage as part of cleaning up the “guest” room so the kids will have somewhere to sleep. This part of the general cleaning and straightening. Unfortuantely I’ve had a cold which has resurged so I have to fight through that when all I want to do is sit on the couch. Today s the day to get lots done! I hope.

On again …OOPS! Off again!

Having worked on an Avalon Consulting project for a bit I am now on hold. How long I’ll be on hold is dependent on the client so we’ll see. There will be more work but exactly when????

Oh well! it is ok. I need some time to get over this cold and to continue the organizing we  must do as we prepare to split our combined household at the end of the year.

We are also on hold with God and the folks at Grace Church, Lopez Island. We had a lovely visit with them! We like them, the church and the island and believe they like us too but we’ll just see how much!

Desperately seeking email

Ah me….I have been trying for quite some time to figure out why my MX records (if that is greek or geek don’t worry!) are not working! I can’t get any mail addresses to!

Well I think I have the fix but now can’t locate the spot on WordPress where I enter them. It is so fun when you have a thing you do so rarely you can’t remember how the next time you need it!

More challenges

Jenn hurt her back. It is now Wednesday and she has been off work for another 3 days. She was totally miserable Saturday and Sunday but has been getting gradually better. Her doctor prescribed ibuprofen, Vicodin, ice followed by heat and WALKING rather than staying too still. She is supposed to return to work tomorrow….we’ll see.

My contract has started. It is through Avalon Consulting with Quorum. Quorum is a company here in Seattle that is an IRB (institutional review board). IRBs provide oversite and review of a clinical study. They are subject to FDA regulation so much of what we do for Quorum will need to adhere to FDA guidelines.

Specifically, I will be developing training modules to help the employees learn to use their new learning management system. The contract is expected to run through the end of the year. Hooray!

This means I need to rearrange my day to continue to include exercise and quilting time.

More news

Jenn went to work today although not totally stable. She will be contacting a surgeon to discuss the options regarding Menier’s. She is recognizing that she needs to seriously consider her future with regard to being in the classroom if the current situation as her doctor says “this is well managed Menier’s”. <sigh> Well managed? There has to be something better than holding your head just right, not moving very fast and still feeling the world spin around you periodically.

Life is changing for me! I have a contract! Well not actually signed but it will be and a potential of work through the end of the year! Hooray!

Another ER visit

Took Jenn to the ER yesterday. She had a really bad Menier’s episode at work and had to come home. I was not available – out running errands without my cell phone, silly me. Kristin G. fetched her when Glen called her. God Bless Kristin!

The ER folks gave Jenn a bunch of meds. We were there a long time. She also appears to have another ear infection. We go to see her ENT later today so I’ll be updating later.

Please pray for her!