All workshops can be delivered in several different formats and lengths depending on your need. Please email me for more information. eMail:


Maze vs labyrinth? A maze is intended to be confusing. A labyrinth has a single path into the center and follows the same path out. During the workshop explore the history and types of labyrinths but spend time exploring the use of labyrinths. The exploration can be on foot or with fingers on a handheld or electronically. What will you take to the center? What will you carry out with you?


Prayer is communication with God or your higher power. The prayer workshop provides information and time to experience various kinds of prayer.

Prayer Beads

This workshop can be combined with a workshop on Prayer. Beads or a knotted rope have been used for centuries to occupy the hands while the mind concentrates on prayer. It is most satisfying to make prayer beads of your own and is quite simple. Several different styles of prayer beads will be presented and the workshop can include crafting a set. Materials cost will be discussed when arrangements are made for the workshop.

Worship Resources

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is used by Episcopalians every Sunday and for special services. You can tell this by simply looking at the page edges of a volume that has been in use for some time as the edges are dirty and worn around page 355 which is where the Rite II service begins. Unknown to many there is LOTS more in this book! The BCP is used not just by Episcopalians as it is a required text at many seminaries and bible colleges.

In this workshop the BCP will be explored but so will other resources you may use to enhance your daily worship. This may include hymnals and books of worship from other traditions plus seasonal booklets and smart phone apps.

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